Modern Round Metal Patio Chairs


I was browsing around Old Time Pottery the other day with my mom, after buying a twin flat sheet for a playhouse I’m making Ali. (More on that later…) I came across these metal patio chairs, with a rounded mid-century inspired, eames-ish shape and knew I had to send Jason a picture text. We both loved the shape and color but they weren’t exactly cheap at $50 a piece.

They were pretty scratched up but the colors were still lovely. Because they were damaged, and obviously summer merchandise, I decided to ask the manager for a discount. Score! 15% off. I love a bargain! I got these two orange ones:

We think they’ll look wonderful in our new courtyard.


Summer Days (Daze?)


It’s been a busy past few days and I don’t have time to write any of the posts I have in my mind to write. For now, here’s a picture of where Jason and I have been eating a lot of our meals lately:

And an update on recent goings-on:

• We’re 2/3 of the way through our foster parent certification. Paperwork is done. Classes are done. We’re waiting for the home study writer to contact us to set up home study interviews. We’ve been waiting for 2 weeks and it’s been a relief, actually. It kind of feels like the calm before a storm. Not that we’re dreading it but we’re just savoring the (potentially) last few weeks of just the two of us.

• But, of course we’re staying busy! We have the kids room almost all the way finished. There are just a few pieces of art left to hang on the walls. When it’s all done I’ll do a proper photo tour. And we’ve been painting. Now seemed like a good time to paint the rest of the house. So far we have the living room (and the kids room) done. The kitchen, master bedroom and hallway are next in line. The project to do list that’s taped on the wall of our hallway is almost done.

• Our new van has one tire that’s mysteriously worn much more than the other 3. We’ve been planning to replace all 4 tires soon. After an almost-blow-out last night (we have a rubber flapper), now is the time to replace all four. We were hoping we could wait a few months but ack! Oh well.

• Have you heard about the cicada invasion in the middle Tennessee area? It’s a 13-year cycle. I’ll post more about that later in case you’re curious…

Shade Cloth Canopy for the Pergola


A few summers ago Jason and I built a simple pergola out of 4x4s and 2x4s for our back patio. We used “bamboo” reed screens to create shade over the top for the first 2 years but they gradually disintegrated. After a year with no shade over our patio dining area, we decided on a new solution this year.

It’s called black shade cloth and it supposedly creates 70% shade. We knew we didn’t want anything solid enough to keep rain out (though that would be nice) because our pergola isn’t heavy enough to withstand high speed winds that we have occasionally when storm fronts move through.

Our pergola is 12×12 so we had a shade cloth custom cut to our dimensions from I think it cost around $79. We were concerned that it was too big when we first opened it up but it ended up being just perfect and we installed it using J-hooks on the top of the pergola. (The shade cloth comes with metal grommets every 1.5′ or so.)

We’re loving this new shady spot to eat!

Phone Photo Friday


Phone Photo Friday


Metal Planters {a MCM estate sale find}


Jason and I found this pair of metal planters at a particularly bizarre estate sale. Bizarre because it seemed like the homeowner was a gym teacher, music teacher AND an art teacher based on the huge amounts of parts, equipment, pieces and art prints.

These plants are copper-looking but probably brass. They’re a bit dented and rusted but overall pretty nice shape. Especially for $10 for the pair. We’re so cheap. We talked them down from $20.

Jason planted some of our quickly spreading blue fescue and in a few months they’ll be domes of silvery blue-green grass. Simple but I think they make a nice entrance to our patio.