Metal Planters {a MCM estate sale find}

Jason and I found this pair of metal planters at a particularly bizarre estate sale. Bizarre because it seemed like the homeowner was a gym teacher, music teacher AND an art teacher based on the huge amounts of parts, equipment, pieces and art prints.

These plants are copper-looking but probably brass. They’re a bit dented and rusted but overall pretty nice shape. Especially for $10 for the pair. We’re so cheap. We talked them down from $20.

Jason planted some of our quickly spreading blue fescue and in a few months they’ll be domes of silvery blue-green grass. Simple but I think they make a nice entrance to our patio.


4 Responses to Metal Planters {a MCM estate sale find}

  1. Barbara says:

    Wow, those are rockin’! I never find cool stuff like that here in No. CA!!

  2. Amy says:

    i love them!! i can’t wait to buy fun things for my home! i also can’t wait to have a home.

    also, i don’t think Josh will let me buy fun things lol!

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