First Day of Fall: Almost scarf weather!


Despite the calendar saying it’s the first day of Autumn, it’s still in the 90s for a few more days here in Nashville. (I’m not complaining; I love the heat!) However, fall is here and scarf weather is on it’s way! My patient and gracious mother taught me how to knit on Sunday afternoon. She had to fix, unknit and reknit for me many times but I’m happy to report that after 4 days, I’m getting it!

My scarf is now 4″ long! Only 43″ more to go! At this pace, I should be done around the beginning of November. Just in time!

Remember, I’m using this pattern from Pickles.


My First Knitting Project


I know—like I have time for another hobby, right? Wasn’t I just saying last week how I didn’t have time to blog because I had so much freelance. (Freelance isn’t really a hobby, I guess…)  Regardless, I’ve decided to start knitting. I bought this soft gray yarn last week …

and turned it into these fingerless gloves!

Just kidding. They’re from H&M. But I think I did get a pretty close match with yarn.

What I plan to make is this scarf this from Pickles:

I’m hoping it’ll match the fingerless gloves…

And also kinda-sorta this headwrap/earwarmer/topless-hat that Jason bought me from the Faroe Islands.

Not quite but maybe I can pull it off. Or else my next project might be a teal blue scarf!