My First Knitting Project

I know—like I have time for another hobby, right? Wasn’t I just saying last week how I didn’t have time to blog because I had so much freelance. (Freelance isn’t really a hobby, I guess…)  Regardless, I’ve decided to start knitting. I bought this soft gray yarn last week …

and turned it into these fingerless gloves!

Just kidding. They’re from H&M. But I think I did get a pretty close match with yarn.

What I plan to make is this scarf this from Pickles:

I’m hoping it’ll match the fingerless gloves…

And also kinda-sorta this headwrap/earwarmer/topless-hat that Jason bought me from the Faroe Islands.

Not quite but maybe I can pull it off. Or else my next project might be a teal blue scarf!


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