Baby Mama Hospital Bag


My sister-in-law Ginger, who is also one of my best friends, had a baby 2 weeks ago. (Happy 2 week Birthday, Eliza!) I have been thoroughly excited for mama and daddy these past 8 months anticipating the baby’s arrival. When Ginger mentioned that she was hoping to find some new pajamas to wear after the baby was born, I thought it might be nice to put together a hospital gift bag for the new mother – some things to do, something new to wear, some snacks. I couldn’t find much reference online for what to include so here’s what I came up with in case anyone else is looking for ideas for a gift for a pregnant friend:

• a cute tote bag, perhaps that can be used later for baby items (I added a wool felt “e” to a plain white bag)
• a fun kid/parenting/baby/craft magazine to flip through
• comfy pajamas; a nursing-friendly top
• snacks like fruit, granola bars, gatorade
• crossword puzzle or Mad Libs book (I ended up skipping this idea)
• A card or encouraging letter

The new mama seemed to really enjoy the gift. The pjs were reportedly soft and comfy and didn’t rub the C-section incision spot. She said the magazine also came in handy during some middle of the night sleepless times at the hospital.

Any other ideas of what a new mom could use during her hospital stay or the first days at home?