Baby Mama Hospital Bag

My sister-in-law Ginger, who is also one of my best friends, had a baby 2 weeks ago. (Happy 2 week Birthday, Eliza!) I have been thoroughly excited for mama and daddy these past 8 months anticipating the baby’s arrival. When Ginger mentioned that she was hoping to find some new pajamas to wear after the baby was born, I thought it might be nice to put together a hospital gift bag for the new mother – some things to do, something new to wear, some snacks. I couldn’t find much reference online for what to include so here’s what I came up with in case anyone else is looking for ideas for a gift for a pregnant friend:

• a cute tote bag, perhaps that can be used later for baby items (I added a wool felt “e” to a plain white bag)
• a fun kid/parenting/baby/craft magazine to flip through
• comfy pajamas; a nursing-friendly top
• snacks like fruit, granola bars, gatorade
• crossword puzzle or Mad Libs book (I ended up skipping this idea)
• A card or encouraging letter

The new mama seemed to really enjoy the gift. The pjs were reportedly soft and comfy and didn’t rub the C-section incision spot. She said the magazine also came in handy during some middle of the night sleepless times at the hospital.

Any other ideas of what a new mom could use during her hospital stay or the first days at home?


7 Responses to Baby Mama Hospital Bag

  1. rachel says:

    i have sooo many ideas, from my experience. add a vitamin water and a chapstick, and a pack of hair-ties. These were things I wanted all the time, and didn’t bring enough of. 🙂 Maybe even a pair of cute socks. I also got a TON of chocolate when i had the baby. this was nice for me, some people say chocolate is not nursing friendly but it didn’t seem to bother chloe.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Thanks for the great ideas, Rachel! Socks for sure. The hospital gave Ginger some big fuzzy warm socks that said XL on the bottom. Heehee. Some cute, warm ones would have been nice.

  2. Julia says:

    Those are all good ideas! I like to give flowers. Since I usually have already given a baby present. Last time I brought sunflowers from T Joe’s

  3. Brandy says:

    Chapstick, hand lotion, a special smelling bar of soap in a metal tin…..I go & get another one every time I have a baby… size Aveda shampoo & conditioner, water bottle that isn’t the hospital’s yucky plastic one, big bag of trail mix, pretty pillow case special just for the hospital time to always bring back memories since it’ll be in all the pictures, gum, jelly beans, pretzels, little note pad & paper, cute hair tie back of sorts, blanket from home for dad sleeping on the couch, as well as a reminder of home & that you’ll be back there soon 🙂

  4. SusanV says:

    I’m going to say flip-flops instead of socks… but I’m just a sweaty person, I think.

    After each of my deliveries the nurse would help me change and get dressed in clean stuff, then she put those hospital socks on my feet and I would get SO HOT!

    As soon as I got the chance I was ditching the socks!

    I also say chap stick. Absolute must for mamas who aren’t allowed to even drink water after the epidural! I was always wishing for munchies like cheez-its or tortilla chips…the munchies that don’t come on the hospital tray!

    The bag you made is awesome, Martina. You are such a great friend and Auntie!

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