CBB 3.0 — Update (exterior)


Sorry it’s been a whole month since I’ve last updated you on the progress of CBB 3.0 – the reconstruction of our friends’ fully remodeled house that was destroyed in the Nashville flood of May 2010. The siding was put up, inspired by the design of Shelby Bottoms Nature Center.

Garage is below the house with a double door at the back.

Deck off the back of the house.

Front left corner of the house.

Triple window is in the dining room with a door that leads out to the deck. The next room over to the left is the living room.

Choosing paint colors. They wanted a light gray. The one they chose is Sherwin Williams First Star.

In daylight… it just looks like white. There will be decking leading up to the front door. Right now it looks kind of funny with the front door (set back) just hanging out up there.

I LOVE how the back of the house looks!

LOTS of people have been slowing down on their way past and lots of nosey neighbors has been showing themselves around the property. (Seriously, who does that?!) One fella even stopped and asked, “What kind of house is that?” Jeremy was a little offended. A house that people live in. A family house? Jason answered, “A modern house.” To which the guy replied, “I like it!”


CBB 3.0 – Update (Framed, Roofed & Closed)


Our friends’ home building project is moving right along. (I’m way behind on updates, sorry!) Since the last time I updated, the walls have been framed, the metal roof added, and the exterior walls have been closed up:

Nice high, sloped ceilings. 9′ in the front half of the house, up to 12′ here in the back of the house.

I love how the house looks from the back. That beautiful deck looks out over Shelby Park where we can sit to watch the tides roll in next time we have a flood. Just kidding. But we will definitely be spending a lot of time under that sloped roof. I heard a rumor that Leila and J might even be installing an outdoor TV and surround sound stereo system out there…

The front of the house looks… well…  I think it’ll look great once the stairs and landscaping are added.


Click CBB 3.0 under the “FILE UNDER” menu on the right to see all the updates on this house.

CBB 3.0 – Update (Plans)


I’m not sure how well these images will come across at the small size but here are the plans and elevation drawings of the house. 12 o’clock is the back of the house, 6 o’clock is the front. The roof is pitched toward the front of our friends’ house rebuild (CBB 3.0).

I made a quick photoshop mock up of what the house could look like with color and landscaping. I think they’re planning on gray tones of paint and an orange front door so that’s where I started. And I just threw in some broad ideas for landscaping. That’s really Jason’s area of expertise, not mine, and I don’t know if they’re interested in our ideas anyway.

Does anyone else love looking at floor plans? Let me walk you through the floor plan of CBB 3.0. The front door is at the bottom of this image. There are wooden steps coming up to the front door from the right. The door opens to a foyer and leads to a family room. To the right of the family room is a dining room and kitchen, separated by the kitchen peninsula with the sink. Off the dining room is a bonus room, which will be a home office and music room. The right front corner of the house is the stairway that leads up from the garage with a coat closet at the top and an entrance to the kitchen. The left front side of the house is two bedrooms, a laundry room and a full bath. The back left corner of the house is the master suite: bedroom, bathroom and gigantic closet (that I’m jealous of!).

It’s a great house plan and I’m so excited for Jeremy and Leila! It’s also be really fun to watch the progress. It’s coming along quickly. More photo updates coming soon! (Thanks, J&L for letting me share your house progress here.)

CBB 3.0 – Update


From here on out, I’m going to refer to our friend’s house (the one needed painted, then was destroyed by a flood, then knocked down, and now has started to be rebuilt) as CBB 3.0. Why? Because that’s their nickname for their house. They have called their home Camp B_name-of-their-street_ Bottoms since they bought it. The original was version 1.0, completely renovated it into version 2.0 and now they’re building version 3.0. (Search for CBB for anything about this house, CBB 3.0 for the rebuild.)

Jeremy and Leila gave me the OK to share their progress with you. Their new home will be modern with some mid-century influence to fit it with the other 1950’s-1970’s houses in the neighborhood. The biggest challenge has been fitting a design into FEMA’s strict regulations. This had a major influence on the overall design of the house because the foundation had to be raised 4 feet from where it was before but the space below that foundation can not be living space. The solution was to make a garage and storage space under the house … kind of like an above ground basement. Here are some pictures of the recent progress:

The foundation is 2/3 concrete block and 1/3 wood frame.

The large opening is for the garage door at the back of the house.

Flat roof graded toward the front of the house:

The build is moving so quickly, I can’t keep up with pictures. (Hopefully J is OK with me stealing pics off his facebook for now…it’s still dark in evening when I get home from work.) The roof should be complete by the end of this week. Target completion date: 1 year anniversary of the flood, May 1st.