CBB 3.0 – Update (Framed, Roofed & Closed)

Our friends’ home building project is moving right along. (I’m way behind on updates, sorry!) Since the last time I updated, the walls have been framed, the metal roof added, and the exterior walls have been closed up:

Nice high, sloped ceilings. 9′ in the front half of the house, up to 12′ here in the back of the house.

I love how the house looks from the back. That beautiful deck looks out over Shelby Park where we can sit to watch the tides roll in next time we have a flood. Just kidding. But we will definitely be spending a lot of time under that sloped roof. I heard a rumor that Leila and J might even be installing an outdoor TV and surround sound stereo system out there…

The front of the house looks… well…  I think it’ll look great once the stairs and landscaping are added.


Click CBB 3.0 under the “FILE UNDER” menu on the right to see all the updates on this house.


One Response to CBB 3.0 – Update (Framed, Roofed & Closed)

  1. jessica says:

    WOW! It looks great! I live in Nashville (Inglewood) too and it is great to see people making strides. I love how the back deck’s roof is slanted- it’s very unique and a great idea!
    By the way, I enjoy reading your site and seeing your home projects- My boyfriend and I renovated our 1950 home in May 2010 but still kept the 1950 charm. It was a LOT of work but very rewarding. Good luck on your fence project too!

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