We’re Now Officially…

a two pizza family. We were pushing it with one pizza when it was just the three of us. Ali is hard to predict; sometimes she’s a one-slicer, sometimes she’s a three-slicer. Now with Buzz joining us, we are most definitely a two pizza family.

Also, I made a new family rule. You can mutilate your pizza as much as you want but you have to actually eat it before you get another piece. We have one kid who likes to eat holes in her pizza like swiss cheese and another kid who likes to eat all the cheese and toppings off the top.


If anyone is curious where Buzz’s foster care board payment goes, I can tell you that so far it has gone mostly to food. Some clothing, some other daily essentials (sippy cup, pull ups, lotions, etc.) and purchases for his room, but mostly to food.


2 Responses to We’re Now Officially…

  1. Instant Mama says:

    Hahaha, I can totally relate to spending a ton on food! Like A thousand dollar grocery bill When we had six. With them, the two-year old would seriously eat as much as the five-year old – and none of them ate small servings. We would actually go through an entire piece of fruit for each person present, and that was “dessert” after a two- to three-servings-each meal! Try buying eight pieces of fruit for each meal for an entire week! And then a social worker started giving me a hard time about money… I promptly offered to itemize everything and he quickly changed his tune. We both knew where the money was going, and it certainly wasn’t my pocket!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      My goodness. I can’t even fathom buying food for a family of 8. The snacks! I think I might need a club membership just for raisins, granola bars, cereal bars, apple sauce pouches and crackers. And then of course there are the days when we’re hanging on by a thread at 6 pm and we have to order a pizza or pile in the van to go out for Mexican or else it’s Mac and Cheese again. Lol

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