A Vacuum That Will Change Your Life

We were ready to purchase a new vacuum recently and I remembered my friend Molly had written about the one she’s in love with a loooooong time ago. I looked it up and it turns out she hasn’t written a post since then. Ehem, NOVEMBER. I’m poking fun at ya, Molly, but seriously: I admire you and I totally understand your busyness because I now have two toddlers around the age of 2 and you have TWIN toddlers AND two other boys. So, in short, you’re my hero. I think about you every time I bust out the double stroller.

Thank you for the endearing (and persuasive) post about your Makita BCL180W 18-Volt Compact Lithium-Ion Cordless Vacuum. We  purchased one for ourselves last week and I concur with every word you’ve written. In the spirit of short and sweet blog posts, please visit Molly’s blog if you want to fall in love with vacuuming again…or more likely, for the first time. Leave her some comment love. Maybe she’ll start sharing nuggets of brilliance on the interwebs again.

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 10.47.11 AM

If you don’t feel like clicking on the links above, let me give you bullet points on it’s awesomeness:

• it’s cordless so no stopping to plug it in 3-4 times through the house; no getting tangled on chair legs, dogs or kids. It also makes it convenient to grab after a meal and zip zap under the dining room table.

• it charges super fast, like 15-20 minutes. It stays charged for 10-15 minutes which is actually enough to get through the house because see bullet point above.

• it doesn’t use vacuum bags and the filter can be washed

• it’s fairly lightweight…at least compared to dragging a wheeled canister vacuum around the house

• the canister near the handle means that it can reach under furniture very well

• it can be used without the attachments like a dust buster

• it’s small and easy to store


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