Alianna at 18 Months

I am in awe of you, beautiful girl. You are full of joy, wonder and spunk. We have challenging days when you’re quest for independence pushes the boundaries of my patience. But more common are the days when I sit back and delight in you; when I thank God that I get to be your mom, that I get to hang out with you, that I get to receive your hugs and kisses, that I get to meet your needs.

I am so proud of the little girl you are becoming. You are extremely friendly but it’s more than that—you love people. I see you scanning the room when we’re out shopping or eating dinner, deciding who needs your sweet smile and “hi!” You’re never discouraged when ignore, you keep on going. You’ll smile and say hi for as long as it takes until the guy in line behind us (desperately trying to mind his own business) finally cracks a smile and says hi back to you. You are strong and confident. You are willing to try anything, and in fact would like to try EVERYTHING that you see us or someone else you look up to doing.

Including the potty…


Or the rhythmic cup thing that mommy does for you on the side of the bathtub.


You have no shortage of personality!

IMG_1012 IMG_1018

Uh oh!


Or hair… Your hair is much longer than it looks because of all your curls. I’m still learning a lot about how to style and care for your hair. Thanks for being patient with me. Dad has even started helping a tiny bit and put your hair in a ponytail the other day.

IMG_1024 IMG_1027 IMG_1029 IMG_1031

Oh look, I caught you in the act of breaking the coaster holder and I didn’t even know it! You love those coasters as much as any toy you own.


You’ve also started to really love your books. Or “boops” as you call then. You can say “duck” and “cacka” but for some reason you can “boop.” It’s cute.


You’re cute. Gorgeous.

IMG_1039 IMG_1040

You also say “Bible” and like this version best.

IMG_1042 IMG_1047 IMG_1050 IMG_1057 IMG_1071

Spoons? Who needs ’em!



2 Responses to Alianna at 18 Months

  1. anniegoat says:

    Aww. Good bye baby, hello kid.

  2. Anna R. says:

    precious. 🙂 she is such a doll!

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