Taking the First Step … Again [Foster Parenting]

My phone rang and when I saw DCS on the caller ID I had an adrenaline surge. Do they know? Can they call already? Is there a  kid? All of that went through my mind before I pressed answer and said hello. It was our case worker, getting back to me. I had sent her an email telling her we’d be ready to reopen our home soon and I was wondering what all we needed to do.

We’re not ready but I contacted her because I needed a nudge. Not that I’m procrastinating, but there are just so many little things we still want to do to get settled into our new house – hang more shelves in the garage, figure out storage for my work room, landscaping, bigger art, hang the art we have … we’re pacing ourselves with time and money. Before we reopen our home we need to assemble the bedroom for “the next kids,” get a home phone, lock up our medicines, cleaners, knives, a whole list of little things. When I talked to our case worker, I found out their policy changed (shocker…). Originally she told me we could be in “closed” status for 2 years without having to redo our PATH training and home study but they’ve changed it to 1 year. I’m glad I called when I did because we’re 5 weeks from the 1 year cut off. Within that time frame we just need to amend our home study, not redo everything. (Thank God!!!)

That means we might start getting calls by March 1. So, I’m kicking into nesting mode again. But it’s so different this time around. I’m not sure if I’d call it excitement… We’re going to Disney World! That would be excitement. We’re climbing Mt. Everest! That would be adrenaline. I’m getting pumped up but I know it’s not going to be fun and easy; it’s going to be difficult and likely painful. There are a lot of logistics we don’t know and it’s impossible to plan for at this point… like how are we going to manage childcare for another kid (or 2?) during work hours. I don’t know. How is Ali going to respond. I have no idea. What are we getting ourselves into. Don’t ask me.

One thing I do know: we’re supposed to do this. God has called us to be foster parents and we will say yes. Again.

From experience, I can say with confidence that He will not lead us into something and then abandon us. He will equip us as we go and bring light to each step, one at a time. Here we go again!

Here’s my pictorial to do list.

This bed needs to be assembled, curtain hung, art hung, etc.:


I wish we could use this phone:


This drawer needs a child lock:

This closet (where we keep our cleaners and medicines) needs a locking door handle:

IMG_7851 IMG_7852

We loathe these things… and need to cover about 5,000 more outlets:


The dept. is not going to like this:


Or this:



5 Responses to Taking the First Step … Again [Foster Parenting]

  1. anniegoat says:

    It is so funny what is and isn’t acceptable in one county to the next. I’m excited to follow you guys through this. You will do great 🙂

  2. Amber says:

    Wow that’s awesome that you called just in time to not have to start all over!! We just got officially licensed last Friday, (we are in east TN) and we started the process this past summer! Good luck with all the stuff on your to-do list!

    We are getting placement calls already and I feel like I might not get my list completed in time!!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Great news! I love to hear about more families beginning the process of foster parenting. Blessings on your journey! I hope I can follow along on your blog. 🙂

  3. Betsy says:

    Very exciting! I guess the Lord put that on your heart just in time for him to reward you with not having to repeat your training.

    “I can say with confidence that He will not lead us into something and then abandon us.” That is almost word-for-word my spiritual life motto. I’ll be praying for your family on the next leg of your journey!

  4. What a lucky kid (or kids!). Y’all are truly a family full of love, and it’s heartwarming to see how you give it 🙂

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