Instagram House Tour

I love the Instagram community. It’s got to be my favorite iPhone app. A couple of my MCM followers requested an IG house tour so I’m obliging little by little, as rooms are decent enough to share. Since it might be awhile before I’m ready for any kind of more substantial (finished/decorated) house tour with real camera photos, I figured I’d share them here, too.



Dining Room


Master Bathroom


Living Room


IMG_7395 IMG_7397

IMG_7454 IMG_7411

What I’m now calling my work room (tri-purpose: office, craft, laundry)


This room is also tri-purpose: Den/Playroom/Guestroom … sort of. It pretty much just looks like a playroom for now. One day it might become a bedroom. I’m trying to confuse you… is it working? Let’s just call this the den:

IMG_7439 IMG_7440


Hall bathroom


Master bedroom (we’re shopping for furniture)


Jason’s studio


The future kids room has become kind of a catch-all. It’s the only room we have left to unpack and clean up. Besides hanging art everywhere else and coming up with some storage solutions in my office and the garage, we’re settled!


Are you all sick of seeing photos of our house yet?


6 Responses to Instagram House Tour

  1. katleenj says:

    lovely pictures! I like the lazy dog touch 😉

  2. anniegoat says:

    Yay! Thank you!!! I was so excited to see it all.

  3. Mama says:

    It’s looking good!

  4. Christine M. says:

    Love reading your blog. You have a beautiful home, family, and heart. My husband and I are about to start renovating a 1955 ranch in Central Texas. We’re considering the White Ice appliances too, but haven’t been able to see them in person anywhere (not in Austin or Houston). Was wondering how you like them so far? P.S. You can never have too many pics!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      We’ve been living with them for a couple weeks and we haven’t hand any issues. I’m really pleased with how they look in our kitchen and I’m thankful we found these instead of stainless. Worth noting: the sides of the refrigerator are textured white like the older style white fridge. We were going to leave the side open but when we realized it was an ugly texture rather than the smooth, white “ice” we decided to have our refrigerator enclosed in the cabinets.

  5. Stacey says:

    Your home Is wonderful! I’m with you…. Instagram is really fun and people are so supportive. Sometimes it’s easier and less stressful than blogging. Love your photos!

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