New Home – Exterior Paint Mock-Ups

Because things aren’t moving fast enough (that’s a joke!) I decided to take some of my photos of the house with siding and add our paint colors in Photoshop to see how they look. The house process has been flying lately at the house so it’s possible that by the time this post goes live, the painters will actually be painting the exterior…but anyway…if I’m going to waste my time daydreaming, I might as well waste yours too:

(The battens weren’t all up yet when I took the picture below, but close enough.)

Use your imagination here. Our garage door will not be translucent. It is coming soon, though. Hopefully the rest of the driveway (and back patio) concrete is coming soon, too.

OK, now this one got me really excited. Our front door area has been a mess since the beginning of construction and I never like how it looks in photographs. Now I can really start to visualize how lovely this courtyard entrance could be…

My landscape expert husband Jason will be planning out this courtyard with what areas will have planters, paver stones, gravel, potted plants, etc. All I know is that our OTP orange metal chairs will be resting here. Probably. So the birds have somewhere to perch while they watch us eat breakfast.


8 Responses to New Home – Exterior Paint Mock-Ups

  1. Annie says:

    Lovely Martina! I love the mint and grey. A perfect combo

  2. Very cool “paint job”! Can’t wait to see how it looks when it is all finished. You must be really excited.

    On a side note, I saw your post about the hoop style chairs at Old Time Pottery and mentioned them to my Mom (who lives in the Nashville area). She was able to get two of them for me (also 15% off) and is going to bring them up to Wisconsin to live at my house when next she visits. I’m glad because there aren’t any Old Time Pottery stores anywhere near our house and those are some super cool chairs! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. Are these original or Photoshop images?However it is a nice post.

  4. What color gray is that? I love it!

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