New Home Update

Holy cow! So much happened at our house last week and over the weekend that I decided to move my Thursday New Home Update to Tuesday. Our fireplace insert was installed. The second to last major building inspection passed which meant the walls could be sealed up. We got insulation at  the same time as the driveway and front steps concrete was being poured. The back patio is framed but still waiting for concrete (so there was a dry entrance for the insulation guys). That concrete will probably be coming this week. The insulation was finished Friday afternoon and the drywall was delivered. We were told drywall would go in this week so we were pleasantly surprised when we drove by Saturday morning and found the drywall guys already hard at work! The worked Saturday and Sunday and go the drywall hung in the whole house. It’s been a very exciting week and the house looks so different inside now! Ready for a ton of pictures?

It’s so nice to be able to walk up the steps into the front door now:

I’ve been looking forward to “the drywall stage” for a long time! Finally, we can really get a sense of each space. Every time I walk through I’m rearranging furniture in my mind, thinking about what art can hang where… this is fun!


2 Responses to New Home Update

  1. Annie says:

    This is amazing!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you guys to finally be able to move in.

  2. Anna R. says:

    it’s really coming along! and i can see why you were looking forward to this stage, it looks like a HOME now! 🙂

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