Shower Heads

Exciting stuff going on around here! (Depending on what excites you, of course.) We selected our shower heads the other day. Somehow it ended up needing to be a really quick decision, as in: the plumber is coming tomorrow to rough in the plumbing and we need to have the shower fixtures. We would have been happy to make that decision weeks, months, ago. Good thing Jason and I like the same style and are good at making fast decisions. The plumber and contractor both recommended Delta so that narrowed down our options from 1,000,000 to 100,000. We settled on the Delta Vero line.

The T14243 for the master:

And the 14453 for the hall bathroom:

I’m a little weirded out by the small square shower head but otherwise I love everything about the design.

To avoid this happening again, we’re going to just start deciding on everything we can think of now, well before the contractors even ask us what we want. We prefer to find the best deals we can find online and allow time for shipping, rather than the “we need it tomorrow so it needs to be available locally” scramble.


4 Responses to Shower Heads

  1. Annie says:

    Oh man! This is coming along really fast! I would like another picture update of the house 🙂

  2. Jason Ahlbrandt says:

    This may be misleading. Martina failed to mention that they didn’t technically need the fixtures but only that the fixtures were picked out, so they could have the right valves for the rough in of plumbing. In other words, it’s still a bunch of studs…only it has some plumbing run through now. 😉

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Tomorrow’s post will have pictures of the house… which looks the same as the last update except with some plumbing rough-ins. Quit jumping ahead of me. 😉

      • Jason Ahlbrandt says:

        Sorry…just thought a reader wanted to see the plumbing fixtures in action. Maybe I misunderstood.

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