In case any of our friends/family are wondering why I haven’t written about our big, BIG news this week on my blog, it’s because I am totally slammed busy at work this week. All of my Monday-Friday posts this week were written in advance and scheduled to post. I’m still checking/reading comments everyday. Expect a special post on Monday all about our great news…about Precious’ (sudden) adoption!


4 Responses to Psst…

  1. PDustin says:

    Congrats in advance! You can pre- schedule a post or multiple posts? Cool! I need to play around with my WordPress settings and learn how to do all this cool stuf!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Oh yes! I’d never manage to post 5 times a week without that. Plus my posts would all get published in the middle of the night instead of in the morning!

  2. Instant Mama says:

    Oh seriously – you’re gonna leave me hanging like that???????????? Can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!!!!

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