Can anybody hear me? I’m down in this cave…

Just kidding.

Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth—er, blogsphere—this week. Time has gotten away from me. I have several things I was planning to share this week…projects, house build update, Precious’ baby dedication at our church…but they will show up here next week instead. Between the above mentioned activities, I’ve also been on deadline at work the past few days.

We’re housesitting for friends this week. My parents are super great but it’s nice to have some space—a lot of space, actually—for just the three of us. Jason currently has Precious with him down at our home build—in the air conditioned Silver Bullet I imagine, since it’s almost to the triple digit temps out there. Our foundation block started going in this morning. Yay! Meanwhile, I’m working away in a very quiet, peaceful house. I looked out the window this morning and spotted this deer grazing in the backyard:

I’ll be back soon!

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