New Life for the Inflatable Baby Bath Tub

Back in December, I wrote about our decision to get an inflatable baby bath tub so that it could be easily stored for a future baby. Precious has been using the full size tub for baths since she was about 7 months old so rather than deflate the The Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub, I thought I’d try it out for a few other uses. One day I was sitting out on the back deck to work and I used it was a place for Precious to sit and keep her toys contained. (This was before she was crawling. If I tried this now, she’d be out of it in a minute.)

Then, once it was warm enough for pool time, I used it as a kiddie pool. It was a handy way to keep her contained for a few seconds while I got myself situated to get into the water.

Despite the warning label that says it is not a floatation device, we’ve also been using it as a baby boat in the pool. Shhh… don’t tell anyone.

Clearly, I’m a fan of the The Safety 1st Kirby Inflatable Tub. It has turned out to be well worth $17 for us.


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