Precious: Monthly Portrait 8

Our little Ali-gator is 8 months old. Precious girl, you are getting bigger every day but most noteworthy is your hair—you seem to have had a hair growth spurt! We love playing with the fluffy wad of thick black curls on top of your head, and so do you. The hair on the sides is even getting long enough to curl up when it’s wet, typically from drool when you’re sleeping on your belly. I don’t think you prefer to be a belly sleeper but you’re still only able to roll in one direction. We put you on your back and you immediately roll on to your belly and then fuss until you fall asleep, someone rolls you back or sits you up. I’m sure you’re going to learn to crawl very soon with all the unwanted tummy time you’ve been inflicting on yourself these days. You have been trying all kinds of new foods at the dinner table, including meat, eggs and gasp—brownies. (I know…we’re horrible parents…) Your favorites seem to be fruit, carrots, and sweet potatoes—but only if they’re thin enough. Too chunky and you gag. You’ve also been learning to drink water out of a sippy cup and we can tell you’re excited about your independence, though the mechanics can be frustrating with your 8-month-old coordination. You met your baby cousin Eli this month. He’s exactly 6 months younger than you. Cousin Iris was also visiting for Grandpa’s 60th birthday along with Aunt Jessica, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Laura and Uncle Aaron. You love hanging out with other babies and Grandma L and Grandpa loved having all three of their grand kids together. The weather is getting warm and the flowers are blossoming everywhere. You’ve added a few new words to your vocabulary: dada/dad/daddy, mama (finally!), uh huh, hi/hey/ha, hun-gee (hungry). You’re also starting to randomly repeat words. A few days ago as I was buckling your car seat I said “click,” and then you said, “click.” I’d think I was imagining it but Daddy heard it too. We’ve been taking lots of walks and trips to the park to go on the swings. We love putting you in summer dresses, onesies or shorts so we can squeeze your chubby thighs and nibble on your delicious baby toes. Speaking of delicious, we couldn’t resist introducing you to Jeni’s Ice Cream shop right down the street. Can you believe babies aren’t supposed to have ice cream? We tried to tell you, but you’re very determined to sneak a taste with your extra long tongue. How could we resist your cuteness, anyway? We may have difficulty not giving you whatever you want. Love you, baby girl!


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