Recommended Reading: Water Baby P.S.A.

This week, while Jason and I spend some time purposefully disconnected from the internet, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recent blog discoveries. Be back soon!

Cindy over at Zach Aboard wrote about the importance of teaching your kids to swim. They live on a boat so it’s obviously very important to them. I grew up with a pool in my backyard for my first 5 years so it was very important to my parents, too. I started taking swimming lessons (“water initiation”) when I was 6 months old and by the time I was in preschool, I passed a water survival test where I jumped off the high dive at the YMCA full clothed and swam to the other end of the olympic size pool. Thank you very much, Mom and Dad. I love how Cindy put it:

“Swimming is not a sport, or a pastime, or a summer thing. It’s a life skill. But for some reason people spend more time and effort teaching their kids to ride a bike than swim. If your kid never learns to ride a bike, it’s really no big deal. I don’t ride. If your kid doesn’t learn to swim, they could die.”

Photo from “Water Baby P.S.A.” on Zach Aboard. (This makes me want a waterproof camera so bad!)


2 Responses to Recommended Reading: Water Baby P.S.A.

  1. Brian says:

    Need to make this a priority in our family for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. […] living with them. And naturally, I want to teach my daughter to swim as soon as possible. (It’s a life skill that everyone should have!) I hope she enjoys swimming as much as I […]

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