Back to School

Last winter wrote about how using an over-the-shoulder tote bag for my laptop was hurting my back. I used my old high school LL Bean backpack for a while until I forgot about the back pains and then stitched to a messenger bag again. When the back pain returned, I decided it would be worth the investment to get a nice, adult, laptop-friendly backpack for carting my macbook pro to and from work. After reading about the super-smart backpack that zips onto a carry on suitcase on Design Mom’s blog, I decided to check out FUL’s offerings. I ordered this gray Concrete Jungle:

I was thrilled about the padded laptop compartment and all the zipper pockets. When the bag arrived, however, I immediately realized it was too chunky and masculine for my taste. Bummer. I decided to give it a test drive anyway but was disappointed to discover that my laptop was too big for the sleeve. Double bummer. I also had some reservations about committing to a gray bag since I often wear brown. I sent the backpack back and started a new search.

Enter backpack number 2: The Victorinox Curb from This pack also boasted a padded laptop compartment (big enough this time) and various other zipper pockets. The simplistic design in rust colored canvas seemed to be just delicate enough for my style and would work with a brown coat or a black coat. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I’m very pleased. It’s light and comfortable with thick padded straps. It has more pockets than I know what to do with. And, I know it sounds corny but it somehow makes my laptop feel lighter.

A new backpack makes me feel like it’s time to start back to school shopping. Perhaps I should splurge on some new shoes, too?


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