Home Office Part 3: The Coat Closet

A home office in a closet can be a great solution when you don’t have a room to spare. We have limited closet space but we do have a 46″ by 24″ coat closet in our hallway across from the door to our bedroom. Before discussing my revelation with Jason I immediately started sketching out where everything would fit and where I could put everything that was currently in the hall closet: coats, hats, gloves, scarfs, extra blankets and pillows, vacuum, tools, cans of paint, lightbulbs and other odds and ends. Once I had a plan, I took my idea to corporate for approval. (Joking, but it does help to have a well thought out plan before presenting my crazy ideas to Jason.)

He was fine with my plan! Over the course of a few Saturdays when Jason was out on tour I managed to move everything out of the hall coat closet. Coats are in the closet of the spare room (for now anyway), extra blankets and pillows are in tubs in the attic, and the rest of that stuff is in our new but not-yet-finished laundry room. So on to that empty hall closet …

With Jason again gone on tour I decided to tackle this job on my own to 1) keep myself busy, 2) keep up the weekend warrior pace I’m used to when he’s home, 3) impress him with my renovation skills, and 4) get it done. When we had Jason’s giant birch desktop cut at the hardware store last month I had the guy trim one of the offcuts to 46″ so it would be the right length for my desktop. I used scraps of wood from Jason’s old desk to make little wood ledges on the side walls of the closet to hold up an additional shelf (the top one was already there) and the desk top.

For now my printer is on a crate to the left of my computer with paper underneath. I’m going to come up with another solution since my desk surface is limited.


6 Responses to Home Office Part 3: The Coat Closet

  1. renata says:

    Great use of the space! Well done!!!! what about putting the printer under the desk on that same corner!?

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Thanks! That’s a good idea for the printer. I have a paper shredder, a trash can and a mess of cords under there already though. Hmm…

  2. Amy says:

    1) love it. looks awesome!!
    2) are you going to paint any “walls” inside?
    3) i’ve been using that “corporate approval” all over. lol it’s hilarious, and hubby thought it was funny too (except it really is true for us. he does all financial stuff lol)

    • mahlbrandt says:

      1. Thanks!!
      2. Yes, it’s already been done. I’m just behind on my photographing and blog posting!
      3. That’s funny! I’m the math nerd in our household but we always get approval from each other for big decisions that affect our home. I can’t wait to see more of your new home on your blog!

  3. Barbara Hill says:

    Looks awesome! If you have not sorted your space challenge, how about a floating shelf for your printer then a corner shelf (placed above your pen jar) for the paper stash. This frees up your desk surface. Cheers!

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