Terro: The Good Stuff

While Jason was out of the country, I somehow managed to let some tiny ants into the kitchen. I bought some Raid ant traps at Target and set them out in various places around the kitchen. The ants showed some interest but the crumbs in the spice cabinet and the cookies I made for Jason were much more appealing… Time to bust out the big guns! Terro Ant Killer circa 1960s or 70s. Oh yes, they still make Terro, but they no longer make it with arsenic and let me tell you, that stuff is AHHmazing! It only takes a drop and the whole colony of ants dies. And that’s why this bottle is still around. It was my granny’s, now it’s my mom’s. If you ever come across a bottle of this stuff – grab it! It’s hard to find and it works better to get rid of ants than anything I’ve ever seen. (Keep it away from pets and kids and anyone you don’t want to poision, obviously.)

2 Responses to Terro: The Good Stuff

  1. SusanV says:

    We also have a hand-me-down bottle of the good stuff. The new stuff just is NOT the same.

  2. Carolyn S. says:

    Vintage Terro, I love it!! Actually, Terro can be used safely around pets and children. The inert ingredients are sweet food-based products similar to pancake syrup. The active ingredient is Borax. Borax is a natural mineral that is found in many consumer products and has been used safely by homeowners for years.

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