Painted Ranches in the ‘Hood

I live a neighborhood loaded with brick ranches – red brick, pink brick, orange brick, gray brick, smooth brick, textured brick. You name we have it.

But thankfully (in my opinion) we also have some painted brick houses. (And we almost had one more. But then the flood swallowed it.) I’m a big fan of paint and if done right it doesn’t harm the lifespan of the brick – just adds a little more personality. And it breaks up the monotony of brick, brick, brick. I like being able to tell people “it’s the green house; the only green house on the street.”

A few days ago I asked Jason to drive me around so I could snap pictures of some of the other painted brick houses within a few blocks from our little mid-century brick ranch.

We saw some blue and gray-blue:

Some taupe and warm gray:

Some cream and white:

And some green and olive:

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