Nashville Flood – May 2010

As I’m sure you know, Nashville has been dealing with horrific flooding. Over the course of the weekend May 1-2 we had steady rain. I didn’t seem that strange to me to have rain and thunderstorms for 2 days but the amount was 2x the previous record for rainfall over 2 days. That’s a lot of water with no place to go.

Nashville is surrounded by rivers, particularly the Cumberland which snakes all around downtown. The river level rose approx 52′ above it’s normal level resulting in pockets of flooded neighborhoods all around Nashville and surrounding TN areas, especially anywhere near the rivers including historic downtown, the Titans stadium LP Field, the country music hall of fame, and many other downtown landmarks. In addition, Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry – Nashville landmarks – and the surrounding areas have been flooded to 10′ or more.

And homes. Many many homes. Most of which do not have flood insurance because this just doesn’t happen in Nashville. This is crazy. It’s so hilly around here that any given street – such as the one I live on – may have serious flooding at one end and none at the other end. Our house was not affected, thank God, but many of our friends and neighbors had devastating flooding. I’ve heard that damage estimates are in the $10 Million range and there have already been 28 deaths reported here and in other affected areas.

More tomorrow. (These photos are not mine. Click the • for source.)

3 Responses to Nashville Flood – May 2010

  1. whitneyjc says:

    Praying for Nashville! So glad you guys are ok!

  2. We need lots and lots of prayer.

  3. […] dear friends Leila and Jeremy (the ones that lost their home and almost everything in the flood) keep asking us to ride scooters with […]

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