I Love Y’all!

It’s the week of Valentine’s Day and I just want to take this opportunity to tell you all how much I appreciate you. When I started this blog (like any other blogger I guess) I was talking to myself, then a few friends, then a few strangers and now there are a whole bunch of you who read. I am seriously so humbled that you take the time to visit this here little blog.

A week or two ago my post to comment ratio inverted. Maybe that doesn’t seem like a big deal to you but I was pretty excited about it. I don’t ask for comments very often and not many of you comment. I don’t mind cuz I still know you’re there. I mean not specifically who you are or anything creeper like that, but I know the number of you that are out there on the other side of the screen. And truly, it means the world to me. I love you all!

In celebration of love and blogging and mid-century modern, I’m doing my first giveaway tomorrow!

One Response to I Love Y’all!

  1. Amy says:

    YAY! giveaways rock. and so does your blog! i love reading about you and jay’s escapades in the “south!” 🙂

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