Happy Birthday, Jessica!


Happy birthday to my favorite big sister today! I miss you, Jess. Glad we’ll get to roll Swedish meatballs together again this Christmas Eve.

Christmas 2009


We had a lovely Christmas. I hope you did, too! Here are some highlights:

Watching home movies on the old reel-to-reel from ranging from 1977 – 1986

Dad’s the only one who knows how to use the projector.

My sister and I rolling the traditional Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve

Jason said they’re the best he’s ever had (compared to the previous 9 years.)

Jason’s brother Dan and his wife Ginger.

Jason’s parents

Chloe and Jason staying warm by the fireplace

New jeans + funny face + Mom

(I think the look of confusion was because I had just said I left the camera in the car but by the time he was done unwrapping I was standing there with it, taking a picture.)

New hat (t0 match jacket) + new down puffer

Nashville Preds hockey game on Boxing Day. So nice to have Jessica (my favorite sister) and her husband Jeff visiting this year!