Concrete Shower Pan Goes Down Smooth

Last weekend we tackled the most intimidating part of the bathroom renovation (in my mind, at least): pouring the concrete shower base. I’ll just show what we did through pictures. And of course I use “we” very loosely here.

Shower all cleared out and ready to go.

Mixing up the concrete mix and water in our pitiful, rusty old wheel barrel. (See the broken wood handle?) I was going to do this part but it turns out my arms are too weak. Each bag of mix was 60 lbs dry.

I prefer to watch this guy in action anyway. I’m excellent moral support.

First bucket full of concrete gets placed. That float is named the Task Force.

Second bucket down. Creating a slight slope toward the drain was very tedious. And important. Jason and his task force can handle it.

The consistency is like wet sand. Not as liquidy as I had imagined.

Four bags/bucketfuls down. 240 lbs. More of the very meticulous smoothing and creating a slight grade toward the drain.

Some days I am very grateful to be married to a perfectionist. Another half a bag to finish it off and get that slope just right. (4.5 bags of sand mix, 270 lbs, 4’x5′ base at 1-1.5″ thick in case you want details.)

All done. Just needs 24 hours to dry. Phew! The whole process only took 3 hours but was very labor-intensive. I’m so glad it’s done. Thank God it all went smoothly. Now on to finishing the rest of the tiling … another update coming soon. I HOPE!

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