A Tiny Winter Forest

After spending most of a Saturday searching every thrift store, craft store and gift store in town without much success*, Jason and I finally found some bottle brush trees at a craft store. This is about half of the tiny forest. We’re going to experiment with spray paint to see if we can get the effect of vintage pink & yellow dyed bottle brush trees.

*Have I ever mentioned how awesome my husband is? He totally got behind my obsession with this photo and was willing do drive me all over looking for some!

3 Responses to A Tiny Winter Forest

  1. Heather says:

    Bad news! I saw them at Walmart today!! Have you heard of bleaching them only to re-dye them? They look darling all new fun colors!!

  2. Amy says:

    so cute!! we have a bunch of very tiny ones in little red “pots” (all the same size) that the bosses put out at work every year. they are so cute. they also have this weird small cute-ish type gnome that they put out too…not sure what he has to do with christmas. maybe he’s actually an elf.

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