What Erie Gave to Me


Leading up to our trip last weekend to Erie, PA—the city where I did most of my growing up, from age 8 to 20—I was reflecting on some of the things I got through my time in the Flagship City, the town from That Thing You Do:

• a great foundation in Christ through a church that produced a super fun children’s church by Captain Bill and a vibrant youth group lead by Pastor Derek

• my now husband Jason, who I met at said youth group when I was 14 and married at that church 4 years later (yep, I was that young. nope, no fundamentalist arranged marraige. haha!)

• a great appreciation for warm weather and sunny days (due to Erie’s lack…)

• many breath-taking sunsets over Lake Erie

• snow driving skills that I may or may not ever need to use again

• lots of sweet friends through the years, a few who have managed to keep in touch

• a quality public school education

• a tolerance for swimming in 76º water on an 80º day

• summers and holidays spent with my mom’s parents and extended family

• summer walks on the beach of Presque Isle (hands down my favorite place in Erie) and the spot at beach 7 where Jason proposed

• a lasting love for Connie’s turtle ice cream, Smith’s hot dogs, Heinz ketsup, Troyer Farms chips, Wegmans grocery store, and Romolo sponge candy

Tomorrow I’ll share my pictures and a recount of our trip.

3 Responses to What Erie Gave to Me

  1. Paula Skladanowski says:

    Awe. Hope you guys had a nice trip! And thumbs up for mentioning the sponge candy 🙂 That’s my favorite. Really nice blog. And I love the picture at the top!

  2. Amy says:

    awe, and Captain Bill is still creating a super fun children’s church!!! 🙂

  3. […] via my mcm life. […]

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