Smells like Heaven

Clean laundry is my favorite smell in the world. Not the artificial clean laundry smell they use for candles and air freshener – REAL clean laundry. I love it! Which makes me wonder why I was prioritizing price over smell (and apparently, quality).


After 2 of my husband’s dark gray shirts got bleached by low quality cheapo detergent (I won’t mention the name but it’s pictured above in the blue bottle.), I decided to start buying Tide again. Tide smells wonderful. Combined with Bounce fabric softener sheets? HEAVENLY. Can’t wait to be enveloped by my clean sheets tonight!


In case you’re wondering, we have done anything else with our master bathroom since Stage 2. But, we have shopped around for .75″x.75″ porcelain tiles and we’ve still been looking for a MCM cabinet to use as a bathroom vanity.



One Response to Smells like Heaven

  1. Susan says:

    After 3 years of Arm & Hammer perfume & dye free, I just recently switched back to perfumed. I missed the yummy smell of laundry… especially in the bed sheets and the towels.

    We all have sensitive skin and the P&D free was working really well for us so for no, I use a mixture. 3/4 P&D free and 1/4 regular … just enough for the scent.

    I use the perfume & dye free dryer sheets and have found that with even just a little bit of “regular” detergent, I don’t need the scented ones.

    …but that’s probably because I was used to NO scent at all for a LONG time. I will say though, there is absolutely NO denying that our clothes last longer and stay nicer looking with the free & clear detergent. I can definitely tell the difference, which is too bad, because I like the smell of fresh laundry so much!

    ps- holy comment, batman!

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