October Randomness

Can you believe it’s already October?! We are not fans of Halloween in this household so that means just one thing:


Some adults buy candy to share with cute, costume-clad trick-o-treaters on Halloween. And then there are adults who hide out at home with the porch light off and eat all the candy themselves. I think you can guess which ones we are. We’re already on our second round of Reese’s peanut butter cups and the bag in the freezer is almost empty. (I highly recommend eating Reese’s frozen!)


Speaking of sweeties… Isn’t this picture funny? It looks like my husband is playing and singing his heart out on someone’s front porch. Basically, he is. Last week Waterside played a benefit concert for an organization that’s based out of a ranch house (with a very typical mid-century modern front door) so, naturally, the stage was the front porch.


What you see above is called a fairy circle (and arc). Doesn’t that sound fun? It’s finally sunny again, but last week and the week before we got a TON of rain in Nashville – in the whole SE U.S., actually. Which led to mushrooms. And fairy circles. And allergies…

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