New Old Chair

Seven years ago, when Jason and I were engaged, we attempted to re-cover one of my parents’ old chairs with a tight-fitting slip cover and new chair legs. Sadly, the cover didn’t fit well and the legs made the chair unstable. I’m happy to report that our first real chair upholstery experiment came out much better!


When got this mid-century chair at a thrift store for $6.99, it had this horrible off-white ’80’s zig-zag fabric. The custom upholstery tag under the chair revealed that it was not the original covering.


Because the chair was so inexpensive, we were prepared to pay some good money for new upholstery to return it to a retro, vintage look. With a bolt of $35/yard fabric in our hands, my eye caught the clearance shelves at the fabric store. We were able to walk out with 1 1/4 yards of light blue woven upholstery (exactly what we were looking for), for only $9!


(Sorry about the poor photo quality. Someday I’ll learn how to use a DSLR properly.) We had originally planned to recover the off white vinyl footstool in the same fabric. There might be just enough but it will be really close. I’m leaning towards leaving the footstool as is. It currently has an imperfection on the top from a hole that was repaired, which bothers my perfectionist husband.

What do you think? Recover the footstool? Leave it?


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  1. […] also the proud owner of  the Animal Alphabet poster from Petit Collage. Currently, I have this chair and footstool in the book nook of the kids room, but it’s not real comfortable and I would prefer to have […]

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