New Wardrobe Staple

My favorite shoes of three years (or more?), these olive-green cordoroy flats from Old Navy, have seen better days. I’ve loved them and they’ve been good to me. But as happens in the harsh reality of well-loved shoes, a day comes when the tread is gone, the sole starts flapping and your big toe starts to bust out a hole for fresh air. It’s a sad day.


Until a replacement is discovered. Did I just get sad over a pair of shoes??

I found these lovely replacements from KEEN. Also olive-green (which seems to match 90% of my wardrobe), slip on flats that will work with shorts, jeans or skirts. And they appear to be sturdier than their predecessors.


::: anxiously awaiting package from UPS :::

Anyone have experience with KEEN shoes?

3 Responses to New Wardrobe Staple

  1. Susan says:

    I have 2 pairs of Keen shoes:

    Betty Boots:

    (LOVELOVELOVE them!)

    and <–not so fond, but they were given to me.

    I think the ones you are getting look great! I would like these:

  2. Amy says:

    super cute!

  3. […] the new shoes! (Tho I prob shoulda gotten an 8 rather than a 7.5.) Did I mention I got them half price?? […]

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