Simple Card Table Play House DIY


I’ve seen some really creative and intricate play tents and teepees on Pinterest and other blogs. I was inspired but looking for a simpler alternative. My solution was a light blue twin flat sheet from a discount home store for $4 and a pack of fabric markers for $5. For less than $10 and in the time period of two Saturday afternoon naps for my toddler, I came up with this:

Here’s what I did:

1. I laid the sheet over the folding table and it covered the top and three sides.

2. I pinned the sides together and sewed seams up the corners of the sides and cut off the excess. (I”m no stranger to the sewing machine but this is pretty simple stitching.)

3. I used the excess (two squarish pieces) to make overlapping door flaps for the remaining side. The only unfinished edges were on those door flaps, which I pressed and sewed to make neat seams. That isn’t necessary but I figured I’d keep it somewhat crisp looking.

4. I added two velcro pads to hold each door flap open using hot glue.

That’s as far as I got during the first nap time. In a few spare minutes on a different day, I sketched out what I wanted to draw on each side of the house.

5. Once it was sewn, I ironed it.

6. I drew my design on the fabric, using the table as a drawing surface and a yard stick to make straight lines. I realized the design would show through on the inside of the house but I don’t mind. Potted plants work inside or outside.

7. I tumbled the fabric in the dryer to heat-set according to the fabric marker directions.


The appeal of using a card table and a sheet as a play house is that it’s compact to store. At our last house our folding card table lived under our bed. The rest of the play house folds up into a 6″ x 10″ x 1″ cube.

Raggedy Ann Brown


My mother-in-law recently made Precious a special, crocheted Raggedy Ann doll. She customized Ann with caramel brown skin, just like Precious. I decided she should be named Raggedy Ann Brown. That is, until Precious makes up her own name for her doll. I could hardly snap one picture of her before Precious made her way over to grab her.

She especially likes Ann Brown’s red nose…

and she likes to make out with her, giving her big open mouth kisses.

Thank you, Grandma K!