For the first time in as long as I can remember we didn’t have any plans for the weekend—nowhere we had to be. Saturday was absolutely gorgeous and we spent the entire day outside: cleaning the chicken coop, planting plants, running around with Ali, cleaning out the garage. Sore muscles and sunburns but it was worth it, so refreshing and relaxing, just the three of us breathing deep and living our lives, going on. The judge’s pending decision pops back into my mind all the time but I shush the anxious thoughts and do my best to just be. To keep moving forward.



A Perfect Saturday


I had plans for a perfect Saturday: sleep in, big home cooked breakfast, clean the house, then rake up the blanket of pine needles covering our front yard and driveway, and then the night off with a date. I woke up naturally (!!) at 9:30 to discover that Jason was still sleeping, Lucy the cocker spaniel was still sleeping, and not a peep was coming from Precious’ room. How about that! I tweeted about it and indulged in some twitter/facebook until baby girl started stirring around 10.

Once I got her up, changed and fed, everyone else was up too. I shared my plans for the day with Jason and he suggested we go to the coffee shop and then thrift stores instead. Feeling stressed by the sink full of dirty dishes and the dog hair dust bunnies floating around the house, I was a little less than agreeable. We compromised and cleaned the house and did dishes before heading out to the coffee shop. My husband is so patient with me…and he’s super helpful with house cleaning. He dusted and vacuumed in the time I did the dishes and straightened up the kitchen.

Anyhow, we DID have a lovely breakfast at the coffee shop. At NOON! (I’m excited about this because we have a 3 month old.) Then, we headed out to our favorite thrift stores. Jason entertained Precious while I found her 2 pairs of socks, 1 headband, 1 hat, 1 pair of pants and 4 shirts (none of which was pink!) for about $12. Most of her clothes up to this point were pink and I was really growing sick of pink. At the next thrift store, we found two new mid-century chairs we couldn’t leave without. They deserve their own blog post.

After a quick nap for the little one and a walk around the block with the ole’ pup, it was time for DATE NIGHT! Woo hoo! I love my Jason.

So really, it was an amazingly perfect Saturday. We all slept in. The house got clean. Daddy got his coffee. We went thrift store hunting as a family of 3! We enjoyed the nice weather. Jason and I had a nice date night.