Imitation Outfitters


If you have lots of money, don’t care about American-made quality, want new things or don’t have time for vintage and thrift shopping but you like mid-century modern design … Urban Outfitters is just what you need! They’ve got some great looking mid-century inspired designs. Let’s see …

There is the Night and Day Convertible Sofa

And the Mid-Century Rocker Chair. I want this! I would gladly accept an authentic vintage mid-century version but if all else fails, this will do.

There’s this Mid-Century Sofa.

Manchester Media Stand for your record player and records, of course. (Or books and a lamp.) Lovely peg/cone legs.

A 36″ Round Woven Mixed Rug that would have looked right at home at grandma’s house.

I love this printed 50’s Birdcage Duvet Cover but I’m not sure I’d want it on my bed.

And a 70’s Clock. If you’ve ever been to my house, you know I love clocks! Every room has one. Some rooms have two. I need more rooms!