Scootin’ to Loveless


Wow – what a great big busy fun weekend we had! I have lots of photos to share of our mid-century modern finds from a big string of yard sales we went to on Saturday. But first here are some photos from Friday night.

Our dear friends Leila and Jeremy (the ones that lost their home and almost everything in the flood) keep asking us to ride scooters with them.

It’s really not fun at all. But since we know they’ve been through a lot lately, we always agree to go along for rides whenever they ask.

And we pretend we’re having fun. You know … to be polite.

I think they’re hoping that we have so much fun that we buy our own scooter.

Those stinkers! We don’t have money for a scooter right now!

Stop trying to tempt us! It’s not going to work!

Friday we rode out 20 miles to Loveless Cafe and ate all kind of delicious Southern cookin’. Again, totally not fun at all but we’re willing to do our part to help Leila and J get their minds off of their situation. Cuz we’re such good friends …