Radio Silence


I am still here. Or back, rather. It’s been a whirlwind week and family emergencies have taken priority over blogging, work, paying bills, doing laundry, etc.—as they should. The dust is settling now but it’ll take me a few days to get back to normal. Thanks for checking in here everyday. I will be back next week!

A brief synopsis of the past 7 days if you’re interested:

Found out niece would be born by emergency C-section. Hurried to the hospital to wait. Delighted in amazing new addition to our family! Crazy storm. Tired. Irritable. Home late after swerving around many downed trees. Dog had accident while we were gone. Grocery store run. Grocery store closed due to power outage. Sneak into my parents house to steal their laundry detergent. Wake up after a few hours of sleep to a phone call that Jason’s grandmother passed away. Go to work like a zombie. Visit new parents and baby with dinner. (Yay!) Sleep hard. Scramble around to get errands and obligations done on Saturday so we could head out of town. Drive 10 hours up to Erie, PA (our former hometown) with Jason’s parents. Visit family. Attend funeral. Eat funeral food (including homemade ranch dressing … I call it “funeral ranch”. It’s good.) Visit family. Sort through grandma’s house. Scan lots of old family pictures. Buy sponge candy and prenzels at Wegmans. Visit our dear friends for yummy dinner. Wish they would move to Nashville. More family visiting, including a stop to visit Jason’s other grandma, our last remaining grandparent. Let her know that we intend to name our daughter after her one day. She laughs and says she never liked her name. (Also my grandmother’s name. She never liked it either!) Drive 10+ hours back to Nashville. It’s so good to be home. It’s sunny and 70º outside today. I have a lot of work to catch up on and much to be thankful for today.

Remembering Dorothy Jean Good


One year ago today I held my granny’s hand while she took her last breath and went home to be with Jesus. No more cancer, no more Alzheimer’s, no more pain; now she’s free, whole and rejoicing with angels!

I thought it would be nice to remember her through some of my favorite pictures.

This picture is from a family reunion and I honestly don’t know who most of these kids are. I do know that Granny is holding me and has her right hand on my brother Aaron’s shoulder (the very tan kid with white-blonde hair!), my cousin Damian is to his right, my cousin Nick is to Granny’s left and that’s my sister Jessica in the red, white and blue suit (also very tan!). circa 1985


The swimming pool in my grandparent’s backyard kept our family together every summer for many, many years.

Papa, Granny and Jessica (their first grand-baby), circa 1979:


Granny and Papa loved camping in their “fifth wheel”. This picture reminds me of two things: Granny gave the BEST hugs and my big sister was a twirp. circa 1980


Granny and Papa worked very hard but they also took time to go on vacation – often a beach vacation to Ocean City, Maryland or Myrtle Beach, South Carolina most summers. Here, Granny and Papa with me and my siblings. circa 1986


On my wedding day Granny told me she never thought she’d live long enough to see one of her grandkids get married. I’m so glad she was there on my wedding day! 2003