See this face? It’s the face of determination. Sometimes it helps to bite your bottom lip when you’re working on something difficult. Our Precious girl just hit a big milestone: she’s gone mobile. She learned to scoot herself backwards across the floor. She starts out either sitting up and lunges forward onto her belly or lying on her back, she rolls onto her belly. Then the sequence goes like this:

Whines about how much she dislikes being stuck on her belly

Waves her arms like an airplane, balances on belly and grunts

Brings arms forward like a push up

Shoves herself backwards a few inches


It took her about 5 minutes and 6 lunges to go this distance. (The above image is an animated gif…in case it’s not working.)

Forward Motion


Some days it feels like nothing is happening with our adoption finalization or with our new home build…like we’re stuck in a holding pattern. The truth is, things are moving forward—just at a snail’s pace. I’m ready for Precious to officially be part of our family forever. I’m ready to have a home of our own again. Someone else is eager to move forward, too. Precious has been great at sitting up on her own for over three months now but she hasn’t figured out how to get from here to there yet. I can tell she’s thinking about. She has started lunging for things. It’s amazing how far Precious can reach when she puts her whole self into it.

I know how you feel, baby. I’m ready to move forward!