Weekend Update – part 2


The Laren Brumley/Waterside show on Friday night was just the start of a wonderful weekend. We took a mini-vacation Saturday-Sunday with Laren and her husband Jeremy. First we went to IKEA Atlanta where we picked up a few things for our master bathroom renovation and met up with their friend Branton.

Exciting purchases, I know. The HULINGEN trash can (wrongly priced on the website … it’s actually $19.99) and the MOLGER mirror. From there, the five of us headed to Hiwassee State Park for a little camping adventure.

We set up our tents and cooked weinies* over the fire, baked beans and s’mores. We had a talent show featuring magic tricks by Branton (who J&L had talked up to us) and guitar by Jason (who J&L had talked up to Branton) and some singing by Laren (who we already knew was awesome).

•weinies = Louisianan for hot dogs

Sunday morning Jeremy and Laren cooked up a mean breakfast of buttermilk biscuits, scrambled eggs, fried weinies, pancakes and coffee. These two know how to CAMP!

We loafed around for a while after breakfast and then packed up and went out to explore the beautiful Hiwassee River in Cherokee National Park.

The guys — Jason, Branton and Jeremy — spent some time contemplating the meaning of their lives and the majesty of God’s creation.

Actually, they were all watching Laren and wondering which one of them was going to have to jump in and get her if she falls in. Jason was the first to say “not it.”

She didn’t fall in. Instead she found a big rock and took a nap.

We all did some more loafing around …

And searching for the pretty river rocks.

There were so many different colored rocks. I don’t know if I’ve ever really looked at river rocks like that before. Red, blue, green, orange, yellow, black, white. Gorgeous rocks! It’s amazing what you see when you take time to really stop and enjoy creation.

There’s nothing quite like a refreshing weekend getaway!