Bike Route


It’s a rather boring Friday at work (I LOVE the quiet days right after deadlines) and I’ve been playing around on Google Maps and This map shows the bike route we took the other day, which I just learned is 3.4 miles. Good to know because we were over-estimating—guessing more like 5 or 6 miles.


We are so blessed to live in a neighborhood nestled in Nashville’s biggest urban park with miles and miles of paved greenway trails along the Cumberland River. Above, I enhanced the park with green tint in photoshop and made our bike route blue.


Biker Gang


I went for a bike ride with this cute guy. I’d follow him anywhere.


We met up with these goobers. These photos are a perfect example of framily (friends+family). Some are family. Some are friends. Can you tell the difference? Me neither. I love ’em all:


Biking with dogs is funny:


Dressing exhausted dogs up in clothes is even funnier!