Back to the Old


Last week I dug out my old backpack – the one I used from middle school through my second year of college when I discovered tote bags. As a commuter, totes where the best way to not have to carry 8 books around all day. I had my morning tote bag, my lunch bag and my afternoon tote bag (and occasionally some gigantic portfolio and art toolbox). They all resided in the car until called upon.

Back to the present. I carry my laptop to and from work in a neoprene sleeve in a tote back. This is the one I’ve been using recently:

The thing is, I’ve pulled or strained or twisted some muscles in my back or side 3x in the past couple of months. I think it’s from slinging in and lugging out the heavy tote from behind my driver’s seat.

Time for a change. So here I am with my new [old] backpack, ready for work and feeling like it’s the first day of school all over again.

What do you think – cute or nerdy? You can be honest. It won’t affect my decision to wear it (as evidenced by the pom-pom hat).