Who is Next?


Our journey to Ali’s adoption finalization was like a roller coaster that ended with one long, long down hill coast. The timeline looks like this:

7/20/11 – Ali was born

9/21/11 – Ali was placed with us through foster care

11/4/11 – We were told they were taking her away from us in 2 weeks, moving her to a stranger

11/15/11 – She was put into our custody so we could adopt her

12/21/11 – Her first mom surrendered her parental rights to us

1/12 – our home study and adoption papers were filed at the courthouse


8/6/12 – found out about our adoption hearing (less than 24 hours notice!)

8/7/12 – biological father TPR default and Adoption Day!

I have to admit, just one day after the crazy roller coaster ride ended, I started thinking… what’s next? More specifically, who is next? I’m ready to adopt again. Baby fever? No, not necessarily a baby—actually a baby might be my last choice if I have any say in it. I’m thinking about an older child next time.

Adoption fever. I think I have adoption fever.

Or I’m completely off my rocker. Or both. Thank God for a forced hiatus while our house is being built. And a husband with some good sense. Somedays if feels like my heart is completely dominating over my brain.