Isaiah Jason – 9 Months



This photo and update are a bit late (he was 9 months old on January 26) because we were in Florida. Isaiah is now crawling super fast and cruising along furniture. I thought maybe he’d take his first steps in Florida but he hasn’t yet. He’s back to sleeping great at night and taking two solid naps. Zay loved the beach sand and splashing around at the pool. He just cut his 5th tooth in the past week and the 6th should be out any day. He’s feeding himself finger foods now and finally getting the hang of chewing without gagging. His favorite things so far are mac & cheese, puffs and scrambled eggs. I’m looking forward to introducing him to a lot more table food in the coming months. Isaiah adores his big sister and vice versa. He’s babbling a lot of baba, mama, dada, alla (Ali), sssta (sister), bye-bye, wee-wee (?), pish (please…we’re trying to teach him “more please”). He claps, waves, gives high fives, blows motorboat and fart sounds with his mouth. He’s a fun kid and he makes us all laugh every day. He’s also the best snuggle-bunny.

At his check up today he weighed 21.7 lbs. and was just shy of 30″ tall. He’s a big healthy boy!


Some highlights from the past month:

IMG_0865 IMG_0872 IMG_0878 IMG_1016 IMG_1019 IMG_1026 IMG_1100 IMG_1142 IMG_1271IMG_1397 IMG_1405



Precious: Monthly Portrait 9


To be perfectly honest, I was late taking this 9 month picture mainly because I couldn’t decide on an accessory. Then it hit me. WIth her hair growing an inch longer everyday (it seems), this cute hair clippy made by my friend Renata for her daughter’s first birthday party, is perfect.

Sweet girl, at 9 months old you are looking less like a baby and more like a toddler all the time. Your body is growing and getting more active. You tolerate time on your tummy much better now, and land yourself in that position often when you’re reaching for a toy that’s just beyond an arms length. From there you’ve started spinning yourself around on the floor, rotating on your belly like a merry-go-round. Sometimes you shove yourself backwards and end up under a chair or footstool and you dust the underside of it with your pant legs. In other news, you’ve been getting good at grasping and eating finger foods like peas and cheerios. You’ll try any foods we offer you. Lately you’ve been relentlessly fascinated with necklaces. Honestly, it’s driving me crazy. You broke one by accident recently and I’ve stopped wearing them for the most part because, girl, I needed a break from continuously redirecting you. You are sweet and curious and how can I blame you for being attracted to pretty bling? You’re a lady. The other big news around here is about teeth. Your third tooth broke through 2 days after your 9-month birthday. It’s not very visible yet but with the way you’ve been grinding your bottom two teeth against it, I imagine both of your top front two teeth will be visible very soon. Which means you get to enjoy eating even more yummy foods, like steak and corn on the cob! The past month included a visit from your Aunt Char, Uncle Steve and cousin Aiden from Pennsyvania and quick weekend trip up to Cincinnati to visit our friends. You are a great traveler, still happy and easy-going almost all the time. We spent 3 days together last week, just the two of us, while everyone else was traveling. I’m glad I have you to hang out with, otherwise I’d be talking to Lucy all day. I tell you about the plan for the day, my to do list and about the breakfast I’m cooking. You chatter back to me, most of it unrecognizable words, with the occasional dada, mama, hi, yeah, hungee thrown in. You’ve also started saying uh huh and uh uh (yes/no) and shaking your head, in context. I love that you’re communicating more and more all the time. “Hungee” has been the  most helpful word, which means you want a bottle, not that you’re just hungry because sometimes you say it while we’re feeding you other food. Oh, and another new form of communication that we just love—kissing! Sometimes you purse your lips and gently lean in for a kiss, especially if we give you the “mmmm” warning that a kiss is coming. Sometimes you put your hands on our cheeks and pull in for a smacker. You did that the first time to Daddy while he was changing your diaper and it was the sweetest thing ever. Other times you vigorously grab hair/ears/earrings/glasses and smother our faces with giant, open mouth, slobbery kisses. Where did you learn that?! Girl, you need to stop! Stick to the sweet, not-quite-puckered, mostly dry kisses. Clearly, I am smitten with you. Each day is full of joy because of your irresistible smile and charm. We are so thankful you came into our lives 7 months ago.