Josephine at 1 Month Old


August 13, 2016. 1 Month: Josephine is generally a very sweet, easy going baby. She spent most of her first three weeks asleep and has recently started keeping her eyes open for longer stretches. More than once she slept for 7 hour stretches during the night at 2 weeks old, but I can’t say that’s her normal. She usually is up once during the night for 1-1.5 hour and then it takes me another half hour or so to fall back asleep depending on what I get into while I’m feeding her (online shopping, Pinterest, doing market research for our real estate development project…) So she gets a couple 3-4 hr blocks of sleep at night and I get less than that. I’m calling this season of life #chuggingcoffee. I’m back to 2 cups a day, morning and afternoon, but this time around I’ve learned to drink it fast before it gets cold or I get wrapped up in doing something else and forget about it. Back to JoJo… She is adored by her big siblings and gets showered, rubbed and smothered with their affections throughout the day. Zay loves to rub her head and say “baby!” I can’t blame him. She’s got the softest peach fuzz. He sometimes gives her kisses, too. He brings her Wubbanub and blanket to her, and gets concerned if she’s crying. Ali loves to hold her, lie next to her, give her kisses and match outfits with her. She’s helped with baths and diaper changes. She calls her her little coconut, little noodle or little Joey. Our little Joey has started grabbing things, usually my or Ali’s hair, or my or Jason’s shirts while we’re attempting to put her down. She prefers to be held, and upright, which makes it hard to get anything else done that requires arms. I may start wearing her around the house in the Ergo. She’s a delightful addition to our family and we’re so glad she’s here.



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