About that “health situation…”

In my last blog post I mentioned a “health situation that has slowed me down a bit” (and someone kindly commented that she hopes I get over it quickly…thank you. But I guess I was a little too vague. It isn’t something I want to get over!) A few weeks ago we discovered that Isaiah is going to be a big brother! That makes Ali a “double big sister” according to her. We’re all thrilled to welcome a new addition coming in July.

5boots  IMG_0155


Interesting facts:

I’m pregnant for the second time this year.

I’m gonna miss the hot tub again this winter. 

I’m going to enjoy eating all.of.the.things at Thanksgiving and Christmas again this winter. 

Zay will be approx 15 months old when he’s officially a big brother.

Ali is super excited to be a “double big sister.”

Jason and I are about to be outnumbered.

It was not an accident, nor was it meticulously planned (by us…God knows exactly what He is doing. We left it up to Him.)

Three weeks ago Jason looked at my belly and said “Are you sure you’re not pregnant?” And I said, “I think it’s all the Nutter Butters I’ve been eating.”

Our little Nutter Butter is a welcome addition.


4 Responses to About that “health situation…”

  1. lanhamae says:

    Congratulations! I had to comment because I’ve been following and lurking for a while. I used to write over at histriumphalprocession.blogspot.com and i’ve been keeping up with you guys even though I haven’t written anything in years haha. But…we actually had a little girl about a month after Isaiah was born so I enjoy reading your posts about how he’s growing. Now I’m laughing because I’m pregnant again too! Ours will be a year and a couple of weeks apart. Dont you just love God’s timing? haha. We are nervous but also so excited and I’m sure you guys are feeling similar stuff. And I’m with you on missing out on the hot tub! Boo!! Congrats though!

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Thanks for your comment! I definitely remember the name of your blog but your story is slipping my mind…along with a lot of other things lately. How funny how that timing worked out for both of us! 🙂

  2. hrhdana says:

    Oh yaaaayy! Congratulations!!!

  3. Christine says:

    congratulations. Close siblings is such a blessing (for them) and the parents (us) by the time they’re 2 or 3. My MIL had 3 boys in 13 months (single then twins) and they’re all so close now, it’s brilliant. My children are 19 months apart and do things together all the time. It’s easier to entertain similar aged children, although we don’t have much control over when the babies arrive.

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