24 Week Froggie Update

8-12-16-20-24 24weeks

Last week I crossed the 24-week mark with my pregnancy. Baby Froggie, or BB (for Baby Boy) as I’ve been calling him lately, is busy! He’s moving around so much now. It’s absolutely fascinating and endearing. I love interacting with him. I love to talk to him, speak blessings over him, rub my hand across my growing belly and feeling him move around in response. I just love him so much already! I dealt with a bout of severe back pain for about 2 weeks but I’m happy to say it has resolved now after lots of prayer, chair adjustments, special pillows and (I assume) my back muscles finally catching up after the rapid growth of my front side. All-in-all I’m still feeling great and loving being pregnant. The biggest news since my last update, of course, is that we’re expecting a boy. Jason, Ali and I found out together on Christmas day with a really special reveal. (I’ll post more about that soon.) I’m thrilled to know the little one growing inside my body is a son. Don’t bother asking about names; we’re not telling. 😉 We have a list and a strong top choice but we won’t decide for sure until he is born. Ali thinks his name should be donut so if you ask you might get an answer of Duncan Donut! (Not on the list.)



3 Responses to 24 Week Froggie Update

  1. RLJ says:

    Like the name answer. For some reason my dad hates the name question. So some 40 years ago when he was asked while my mom was pregnant with me his answer was “Zacheriah Zepeniah and we’ll call him Zack Zee for short.” Now no one would blink at such a name but it was shocking back then. People stopped asking him the questions.

    • mahlbrandt says:

      Haha! The other name we’re joking with doesn’t translate well to print: (Said with the most twangy Southern accent) Jayyysin Juneyer (Jason Junior…also not on our list).

  2. Super cute baby bump. I love the time elapse photos – fabulous idea.

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