Phone Photo Friday

I haven’t been able to get my act together to finish a post since Monday so I’m using Phone Photo Friday to share two Instagram posts from earlier this week from past of the #knittogetherbyadoption Photo-a-Day.


#knittogetherbyadoption Day 16: Quote. I have a file with lots of favorite quotes and this one caught my eye today because we keep hearing so many ignorant comments now that we’re expecting “one of our own.” We’ve had the honor of being mom and dad to six children and each one has been loved as our own and as a full member of our family. When we adopted Alianna she forever and ever became ours, fully our daughter just as if I gave birth to her. I know people don’t mean to be offensive but they need to realize their choice of words disrespects our daughter and our family and diminishes her status as our daughter, our real daughter, our own daughter.


#knittogetherbyadoption Day 17: If you really knew me… You would know that I would be just as excited about adopting again as I am about the baby in my belly. My excitement stems from the fact that we’re adding another permanent family member. And while I am enjoying my first pregnancy I also have a deep desire to adopt again. If you really knew me, you’d know that adoption wasn’t our back up plan. We chose to become foster parents as soon as God opened our eyes to the need and we made that our first path into parenthood. If you really knew me, you’d know that the temptation to step away from foster parenting is real. It would be easy to take a break, and we might. But the truth is, we don’t feel released yet. Just yesterday we heard of a child abuse incident that happened close to home and now I can’t fathom going off the call list. Until more people step up to take care of these kids in our community or until people stop hurting children, I just don’t know how I could walk away and still sleep at night.



One Response to Phone Photo Friday

  1. Alana Hilliard says:

    I love that you have heard the Lord and know your purpose and mission in life regarding parenting children, whether it be through birth, adoption or fostering…and it IS clear to me as I follow your blog, that your family is fulfilling God’s plan for your lives. There will be very few people who ‘know’ you in this area. I would guess that some are drawn to you out of curiosity through your precious and beautiful Ali, and some have stumbled upon your blog, as I did, and were drawn in by your message and conversations. Hopefully, those that have made the hurtful comments will continue to follow you and come to understand your assignment and also be led to assist the kingdom in this manner. Your family is a blessing!

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